09 March 2010

ExpoAgro 2010

Each year, the ExpoAgro brings in the major companies and industries of agriculture at one location and has booths, plots and equipment demonstrations (similar to Farm Science Review, Farm Progress, or Husker Harvest Days). Below are just some images from the event. Some include a brief explanation.

Most of the companies put a great deal of effort into their demonstration. I met a researcher that developed some of these plots. I will do a separate post on those efforts. Interestingly, a few companies were absent... Monsanto and Syngenta (or at least I did not see their demonstrations). Both sell seed in Argentina.



Nidera, an Argentina Company that develops corn, soybean and sunflower cultivars.

Arvales, a new seed company owned by DuPont

Advanta, sells sorghum, sunflower, corn and soybean seeds.

Don Mario, an Argentina seed company. Primarily sells soybeans.

Macro. A bank.

Pirelli ag tires.


Planter demonstration.

John Deere, with central commodity system. Most seed is still sold in small bags.

ERCA, an Argentine planter.

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